Saturday, 3 May 2014

A new toy from my dear - Zojirushi (Model - BB-HAQ10) bread Maker mini

Woohoo, on the last day of Apr, my dear got me a new toy to aid my bread making interest. Thanks so much my dear! Hee hee...

Why I choose Zojirushi in the end? 
Let me list out my view:
  • It is compact that does not take up alot of space on my kitchen top.
  • It yield small portion of bread (450g) each time only to avoid wastage. The purpose of making bread at home is to enjoy the freshness & quality of bread isn't? & because it yield small portion of bread, I am able to have different flavor bread served to my family every other day. 
  • It can use to make Jam, Floss, simple cake, Cookie/Pasta & Pizza dough.
  • It is a trusted brand though the price of this machine is at a higher side.
  • It can make quick bread in just 2 hrs too.
  • I had tried to bake 3 breads using this machine, I am a happy user.
I think I do not need to buy outside bread loaf soon!

Shall share more recipe I had tried using my Zoji. Stay tuned.

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  1. Dear Grace,
    Since you are an avid user of Zojirushi BB-HAQ10, I thought I'd ask. I have lost my recipe book that came with the machine. Can you direct me to how I can purchase or download this recipe book? Thank you. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me if you can or cannot help me..
    Sincerely, Setiawati Tan