My Kitchen

This is my new humble kitchen. We shifted to our new place months ago. At first, I am worried that my kitchen will be tiny and unable to display all my machines on the table top.

With my hubby's support, we shifted in my washer & dryer into our 3rd toilet to create more space to build in a 2m x 1m cupboards to keep my barangs barangs. After all, it is not as bad as I thought. I will be spending almost 1.5 hours everyday in this little area so I want to keep it as cosy as possible.
Can you spot my customized 2m x 1m cupboard? :)
Oh yes, my big oven that create nice bakes every time. 
Simply love my kitchen window that allow me to view my kids playing in the living room
when I am doing my baking & cooking.
Here you can see my good helpers Zoji Bread maker, Thermos Shuttle Chef.
The other side of my kitchen.
The new kitchen don't come with any dish dryer cabinet.
My fridge is bigger too. This fridge granted me to keep more FOODS. Haha!
My Kmix & Philips Noodle maker are on the table top too. Easier for me to access them.
Lucky I got a big washing area.
Rubbish chute is also built in the new kitchen by the developer.
Save my hassle to bring it "out" of the house to dispose my rubbish. :)
We installed the blinds to shield away the afternoon sun too. It creates a cosy kitchen isn't?

I love my kitchen simply! What about you?

Loves, TAGlicious


  1. Hi. I am yr neighbour. Wee hong's wife

  2. I am a full time wking mum. I struggle with cooking home cooked food. Hate the wiping n cleaning chore after a whole day work. C yr waffle using bread maker. So easy n tempting. Will try it one day. N I thk u using kenwood waffle right? I just brought it last week. Will used yr receipe to try my new gadget. Thk for yr sharing.

  3. Hi. Can I know where you bought your dish drainer? thanks in advance

    1. Hi Pauline,

      I got it from Gmarket (Q1000). Do check it out.
      Sorry for the late reply.

      Thanks,Grace Tan