Friday, 12 January 2018

Huiji 8 Teasure Dessert Soup

Oh man, the weather is so cold in Singapore this week & Chinese New Year 2018 is coming too, I am going to have some prosperous number for this dish too. 8 is a very lucky numbers to Chinese. LOL~

Today's Herbal Dessert is going to warm & nourish your body definitely. You do not have to buy many different herbs to make it too. All you need is a bottle of Huiji Waist Tonic to standby in your kitchen. It really save my hassle of getting different ingredients and cooking time.

Huiji 8 Teasure Dessert Soup 

  • Peach Gums (Soaked overnight and remove the impurities)
  • Soaked White Fungus (Soaked till soft and remove the hard stem & impurities)
  • Snow Lotus Seeds (Soaked overnight)
  • Dried Longan
  • Bai Guo
  • Lotus seed (Soaked in hot water for 1 hr before use)
  • Lily Bulbs (Soaked in hot water for 1 hr before use)
  • Red dates
  • Pandan Leaves
  • Honey Rock Sugar
  • Some Huiji Waist Tonics
  1. Add the prosperous 8 ingredients and pandan leaves into a pot. Add in enough water to cover all the ingredients and boil it for 30 mins. Add in honey rock sugar to taste. 
  2. Before serve, add a teaspoon of Huiji Waist Tonic to each bowl. Yes, it is just so easy and fast!

Note: For kids/Adults that can't accept too herbal stuff may omit adding Huiji Waist Tonic.