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Jelly Collagen Stock

Wow! I can see people are interested of this collagen soup as much as I do. Collagen is a protein of various connective tissues in animal. Collagen is good for skin as it can help to smooth it by making wrinkles less visible and it help to moisturize our skin so that it will become softer and healthier. Collagen helps structure hair, joints, nails & skin too. Collagen is a beneficial protein that help to restores what our skin has lost and make it firmer, more elastic & heal scars. After knowing collagen got so much goodness to our body, why are u waiting for? You can prepare these collagen stock easily at home too. For those who have baby at home, these stock come in handy for cooking porridge for them too! Thanks to Elaine for sharing for her wonderful recipe. 
After so many hrs of hardwork...

Jelly Collagen stock
Recipe reference from WokkingMum & did abit of modification
(Make abt 2.2Litres of Soup base)

Things needed:

  • 2 big pig bones (Do ask butcher to chop into big chunk)
  • 2 chicken carcass
  • 20 chicken feets
  • 3 litres of water

  1. Boil a big pot of water and scald the bones & chicken feet one round first to "cleanse" it.
  2. Drain off the water and the bones & chicken feet.
  3. Place everything in the large pot and pour in the 3litres of water. 
  4. Simmer it under low fire for 5hrs or another 3-4hr more to achieve the milky white stage. ( I stop cooking my soup after 5hrs)
  5. During the cooking process, remember to keep skimming away the scum & oil that forms on the surface so that you will get a clear stock.
  6. After 5-9hrs of simmer and waiting, you should be able to get your Collagen stock.
  7. Drain off the stock from the bones for storing in the fridge.
  8. I put my soup in lock and lock container, after overnight fridge, you should be able to see your stock form into Jelly Collagen soup.
Updates on 5-May-14 to prepare this broth using thermal POT 
( I used a 5 litres ENDO thermal pot): 
Found and Tested a "play cheat" way to make this milky collagen broth using thermal pot. You do not need to worry about your gas bill and watch over the fire for 4-8hrs. All you need is to boil the broth for 45mins and let your thermal pot do the job for another 7hrs and give a final boil for 1hrs under medium low fire before cooling down to store the broth. A very good way to get superb broth for your cooking during the weekday.  

TAGlicious Note:
* If you store your stock properly, it can last in the fridge for 1 week and freezer for 1 month.
* Use a clean spoon to scoop out the portion you want for your cooking to prevent contaminated your precious soup.
* Do not add in any seasoning like pepper & salt in the stock. Any seasoning should be done during the final cooking. 
* If you have pressure cooker, please use it. It will shorten the time of cooking. 

Jelly Collagen broth prepared by Thermal pot. A shortcut way!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us.

    I have read somewhere that it is not necessary to wash meat/bones before cooking.

    Do you wash the bones and chicken feet first and then scald them or is Step 1 done in place of washing the bones and feet?


    1. Hi JK, I will wash the chicken feets & bones under running tap water & drained it before scalding it. Thanks.

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