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Snow Fungus with Longans & Red dates (雪儿龙眼养颜甜汤)

Do you know Snow Fungus is a good source of collagen? It has similar health and beauty benefit as bird nest and most importantly it is much affordable to everyone.

To TCM’s view, snow fungus is a good tonic for the everyone and especially helpful for those with weak respiratory and immune system. It helps to nourishes the lungs. No harm to eat more for beauty and health reason since it is so affordable.

Snow Fungus with Longans & Red dates (
Recipe by TAGlicious

Things needed:
  • 2 litres of water
  • 2 piece of snow Fungus (size is about a palm size)
  • 20-25pcs of dried longan
  • 10pcs of red dates
  • 1 knob of pandan leaves
  • Honey rock sugars (To taste)
Place everything in the pot except honey rock sugar

  1. Soak the snow fungus in a bowl of tap water for 30mins or until it is soft. The snow fungus will doubled it size.
  2. Please use a scissor to cut off the hard stem from the snow fungus. Next cut the snow fungus into small pcs. Rinse again and drain away the water.
  3. Rinse the longans, red dates & pandan leave with water too and set aside.
  4. Add in snow fungus, red dates, longans & pandan leave knob into a large pot ( I used rice cooker with soup function this time so that I no need to watch the fire).
  5. Bring it to boil and reduce the fire to simmer it for about 1hr. When the water turn brown, add in honey rock sugar to taste.
TAGlicious's Note:
* Select good quality dried snow fungus that is pale and slightly yellowish in color. Those very white ones show that they have been bleached. Snow fungus can be found most Chinese herbal shops. I got mine from FUHUA at $4 per pack (4-5pcs of Snow Fungus).
* You can use rock sugar to replace with Honey rock sugar.

Quick make some for your loved one this week

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