Sunday, 19 October 2014

Nutella Bananas Roti Prata

If you love Nutella, I am sure u will love this Nutella Bananas Roti Prata. A power dose for breakfast and your kids finish the portion fast. I get to eat this sweet treat when I am in Europe during our honeymoon 9 years ago. They spread a thick layer of Nutella and layer it with ripen bananas on Crepes. Woohoo! It tasted so yummylicious and it cost about 4EURO for this simple treat. Try it when you are running out of idea what to make for your breakfast.
Looks so good!
Nutella Bananas Roti Prata
(Serving for 1)
  • 2pcs Frozen Plain Roti Prata
  • 1 ripen bananas
  • Nutella 

  1. Pan-fried it on a non stick pan for 3mins each side or till it is golden brown
  2. Spread it with a layer of Nutella
  3. Layer it with slices of bananas and wrap it up into half.
  4. Best to served it hot.
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