Thursday, 9 October 2014

Totoro Bento

Totoro bento set for my 2 little monsters at home. I got the idea from littlemissbento. Simply love all the bento in her blog. I must admit that I am not an expert in Bento, it took me quite some time to assemble it and presented to my kids. Looking at their happy face, my effort spent was paid off. :)

Share with you a cute conversation when my lil boy is taking this Totoro Bento:

When he is biting on Totoro Sausage…
Mummy acting in Totoro’s tone: Oh no, you are going to gobble me up!
Lil Boy: Don’t do that pls, I going to eat the hotdog.
Jie jie joined in the fun…
Mummy & Jie Jie acting in Totoro’s tone: Oh no, I am in your tummy now.
Lil Boy: Shh Shh…can you both keep quiet, I need to eat in peace. (With a disturbed look)

Apparently, my lil boy don’t like us to tease him. He can’t imagine himself eating a “living” totoro into his tummy. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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