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Golden Ginkgo

Ginkgo are found in some Chinese desserts like Ginkgo Barley, Snow fungus with Ginkgo & red dates. Ginkgo should be consumed in small quantities, normal people try not to consume more than 10 cooked/raw Ginkgo each day. They are believed to ease asthma, bronchitis & urinary tract ailments. I get my source of information here. We can get ready consume Ginkgo (in CAN form/vacuum packed) easily in the supermarket nowadays but I still prefer to prepare it from myself at home and store it in my freezer for my sweet desserts. This is my 4 hours of hard work for 1 kg of fresh Ginkgo. 

Golden Ginkgo
  • 1kg shelled ginkgo
  1. Remove the shells.
  2. Remove the core, it taste bitter if u don't remove it. U can cut it almost 1/2 to remove it or use a tooth pick to poke thru the middle to remove it. 
  3. Boil a big pot of water. Soak the ginkgo in it for 3-5 mins. This step helps to remove the skin easily.
  4. Last, cook the de-skinned gingko in a pot with enough water to cover them & add in about 10 tablespoon of sugars. Boil it for 30 mins under low fire. 
  5. Let it cool down and store it into air tight container in freezer for later use.
My hubby asked why should I tired myself with this when I can get the ready made ginkgo in most supermarkets? My replied: Home made is still the best! No complain for doing it for my loved ones! Pls cherish every single bite of the food I prepared. 

  • You can get the gingko nuts from chinese medical hall or chinese provision shop
  • During Chinese new year is Gingko best season. You can make more to keep for later use.
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