Monday, 3 November 2014

Tau Suan (Sweet Mung Bean Soup)

My son's favorite, Tau Suan (Sweet mung bean soup). Why? It is because he love the crispy you tiao that goes with this sweet treats. 

Tau Suan (Sweet Mung Bean Soup)
(Serving for 8pax)

-250g mung beans
-2 Litres of water
-A knob of Pandan leaf (abt 12 leaves)
-2 tablespoons of red sugar (omit it if you don't have, this is for nicer color only)
-200g rock sugars, to taste
-70g of corn flour & 250ml of water (mix well)

1) Soak the mung beans for 2hrs and drained away the water.
2) Steam it for 20mins
3) Boil the water and Pandan leaves for 15mins
4) Add in the red sugar & rock sugar and boil for another 5mins(I will taste whether the liquid is sweet enough. Add in more sugar as per your liking)
5) Remove the Pandan leaves
6) Add in the corn liquid mixture and keep stirring. The soup should be thicken.
7) Add in the steamed mung beans and stir well.
8) Let it cook for another 5mins and it is ready to serve.

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