Thursday, 13 November 2014

Popular Whole Tomatoes rice & A sumptuous dinner

Whole tomatoes rice is in craze now. You can add anything into your rice cooker and top with a super large tomatoes and let the cooker do the job. You will have a bowl of healthy and flavored rice serve in front of you with minimal preparation. Sound super easy right? I added on to 3 more simple dish into the meal that night using my trusted helper, Happycall!
Whole Tomatoes rice. Nice!
Steps for Whole Tomatoes Rice using rice cooker. Do refer to video here shared by Ochikeron
Recipe for Teriyaki Chicken Wing find here
A must to try for this simple dish! 
Pictorial for Pan fried King Oyster Mushrooms
A Simple pictorial for cooking veggies using Happycall
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