Sunday, 8 March 2015

CNY updates 2015

Let me do a wrap up on the dishes & cookies I made for 2015 CNY.

花开富贵! 旺旺来!
Recipe from Nasi Lemak Blog
Recipe from Nasi Lemak Blog
I did it! Kueh Bangkit, my favourite CNY cookie since I am young. My first time making it. I can't say it is 100% perfect but I am satisfied with the result. My gal can't stop popping them into her mouth after it cooled down. 
Recipe from Nasi Lemak blog
Recipe from Nasi Lemak blog
Pictorial of wrapping up a $ bag

Ingredients of making Peng Cai材料!十全十美!
Mushrooms & abalone brew with 200ml of water+2 tablespoon of oyster sauce+1 teaspoon of sugar+some pepper and cook for 20mins. Thicken it with some corn starch.
Pictorial 1 of making peng Cai
Pictoral 2 of making Peng Cai
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