Sunday, 7 September 2014

Happy Mid-Autumn festival & Mickey Mouse Mooncake

When I am young, having lotus paste moon-cake is a luxury but my mum will buy us those piggy moon-cake in a basket instead. However, I will never forget the happiness of receiving those little piggy basket moon-cake during mid-autumn festival. I will use the basket as a marketing bag and act as if I am going to a shopping center. Kids nowadays are very fortunate, they won’t know that kind of simple happiness we experienced.
I came across this recipe share by Baking Taitai and since I have all the items on hands so I whipped this moon-cake for kids that don’t really appreciate lotus paste. You can find her recipe here and note that I reduced the oil to 50g.

Taglicious wished you all a Happy Mid-Autumn festival and have a nice family reunion time together!

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