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Melt in the mouth Rosette Pineapple tarts

This is not the first time I make pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year. I started making it 4 years ago. I tried several recipe shared by bloggers and I adored this recipe the best because the pastry taste buttery with melt in the mouth effect. I love to shape my pineapple tarts into rose pattern too! I am not so hardworking making my own pineapple paste so I bought the ready made pineapple paste from Ailin bakery. Come, Come, let me share with u this recipe from Nasi Lemak Lover and surprise your loved one with your pretty rosette pastries.

Best Melt in the mouth Rosette Pineapple tarts
(Make about 100pcs)
  • 350g butter, soften it at room temperature
  • 100g condensed milk
  • 510g plain flour
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 700g pineapple paste
Egg wash
  • 1 egg yolk & 1 teaspoon of milk 
  1. Cream the butter and condensed milk till pale/light.
  2. Add in the egg yolk one at a time till it is well combined
  3. Add in the flour and continue to let the mixer form a dough. The dough should not be a sticky dough. You can put in the fridge for 30 mins for easy wrapping.
  4. Roll the pineapple filling (8g each) & dough (10g each) into balls (8g each).
Wrapping a rosette pineapple tarts
  1. Flatten 1 pcs of dough on your palm.
  2. Place 1 pineapple ball in the center.
  3. Wrap it in and roll into a ball. Place the ball on a mini cupcake liner.
  4. Use a clipper, clip a triangle in the center. Continue to clip another 4-5 petals at the outer side. This will form a 3D rose. Continue for the rest.
  5. Egg wash it lightly using a brush before baking. Bake it for 20 mins at 160 degrees. 
  6. Cool it completely before storing.
Pictorial as following:
Reference: 2.25 of this recipe for 3kg of pineapple filling
My little helper helping me to make open pineapple tarts for remaining pineapple filling. 
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