Tuesday, 3 May 2016


No need to wait for special occasion to receive present from my Dear. He got me a nice pinkie 1.6 litres THERMOS shuttle chef. This little pinkie add sweetness to my kitchen and it will be my full time rice cooker. I used to have those non-stick electric rice cooker but it decided to retire after 3 years. Moreover, there are many scratches on the non-stick pot made me very uncomfortable to use it. Thermal cooking is not new in my kitchen and I love THERMOS brand most because of their attractive color & their thermal technology of retaining heat is better compare to other normal brands. I love the convenience of having them to prepare meals/keep the meals warm at home or outdoor activities too. All you need to do is to bring your ingredients into the inner pot and bring it to boil for 15 mins, turn off your stove and transfer them to outer container, close and that is it. The heat is retained to continue to cook the food without any constant attention for hours. Normally, I will prepare soup the night before, re-boil it in the morning and have the soup serve for dinner at night to get the best flavor of it. Best of all, it is energy saving , $ saving & time saving.
Good helpers at home
Nice fluffy rice using 1.6L THERMOS SHUTTLE CHEF
Rice won't stick to the bottom of the pot & I don't need to worry
that the coating will harm my loved ones health. :)
Normal white rice
(Used 1.6l Thermos shuttle chef)
  • 1 cup rice
  • 1 cup water
  1. Washed and drained the rice.
  2. Put the rice & water into the inner pot. Bring it to boil (about 5-6 mins). Off heat.
  3. Transfer the inner pot to outer container, close and that is it.
  4. Nice & fluffy rice will be ready after 20 mins.
  • This 1.6l Thermos shuttle chef is designed for 2 person for small portion cooking. It should be enough to cook 2.5 cups of rice in it. My family don’t eat a lot of rice so this size is just nice for us.
  • You can use this shuttle chef for other purpose too like dessert, soup, stew, porridge.
Some photos using THERMOS SHUTTLE Chef 
Nice 1 pot lunch is served using 3L THERMOS SHUTTLE CHEF. Recipe here
6L THERMOS SHUTTLE CHEF great for making stock to freeze too!
I will bring along my 1.5L mini THERMOS SHUTTLE CHEF to work when I am sick of outside food!
My 3L Orange THERMOS SHUTTLE CHEF ready to go for a picnic
Disclaimer: It is not a sponsor post by THERMOS & all views are on my own

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  1. Hi, Do you have to stir constantly when you boil the rice? Mine is the 1st gen 4.5l thermos shuttle chef. The rice sticks and gets burnt everytime i use it for rice.

    1. Hi Mandy, I didn't stir at all. Just bring the uncooked rice + water to boil and transfer to outer pot and let it continue to "cook" for 30 mins.
      I don't have any problem of sticking base and burnt of rice. However, 4.5L is too big to act as a rice cooker. How many cups of rice do u cook normally?