Saturday, 26 September 2015

Honey Orange Popsicle

We are disturbed by the horrible bad air recently. This remind me to appreciate things around us and do not take thing for granted. During the hazy day, do stay indoor and loads ourselves with lots of water, fruits & vegetable! We are happy today as the haze is better and we can go outdoor for fun. I decided to let my boy to make some refresh, simple yet loads of goodness. I add in honey as honey is good for our body & it is natural sweetener. Honey is anti-cancer & Immunity system builder too. Let make some this cold treat today!

Honey Orange Popsicle
  • Oranges & Lemons
  • Honey (I used Alce Nero Organic Wildflower Honey)
  • Ice cream mould

Squeeze some fresh Orange & lemons juice
Add in honey & mix well! Look at the thick & creamy organic wildflowers honey by Alce Nero.
Pour into the ice cream mould
Pop in the ice-crea stick & freeze!
Happy boy with his yummy Honey Orange Popsicle! :)
Disclaimer: Alce Nero sponsored some products for TAGlicious to try out and all opinions are honest & are my own.

Want to know more about their product, go to this link.
Alce Nero Singapore Facebook
Get the Organic wildflowers honey

Anyway I saw NTUC finest Organic section sell their products too.
Cheers & stay well!


  1. Hi, can you let me know where can I get the mini pops mould? TIA.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      You can check out Isetan/Taka/Tangs for this ZOKU mini ice pops.